Online Cricket Training

With Social Distancing and lockdown becoming a norm, people are forced to sit homes. In order to keep people engaged and free from mental stress, MSDCA initiated the online education program aimed at enhancing Coaching, Umpiring & Stength & Conditioning skills.

With up to date content, expert insight and an engaging interface, we seek to enhance your journey as a Coach, Umpire and Player and look forward to helping you grow yourself and the players you interact with.

Online Programs

Online Education For Coaches

A good coach can change a game, a great one can change a life

Deliver the best of standardized and latest content to budding cricketers who work with you by updating yourself. Our online education programs for coaches are structured to help develop a nuanced understanding of the game and will help coaches upskill in their profession. 

Online Education For Umpires

Remember that you are the one calling the shots! 

Our online course offers the foundation of a professional umpiring career and helps you get a complete understanding of cricket laws.

The skills you will learn:

  • Complete understanding of MCC’s Law of cricket.
  • Awareness and Interpretations of Cricket Laws
  • Identify inter connectivity of law and prevalence.
  • Qualities of becoming an Elite Umpire.
  • Practical & instant reaction to various stimuli during a match.
  • Core competency development.
  • Pre, During and Post match responsibility

Strength and Conditioning

Make the leap to the next step in your cricket fitness knowledge. 

Our course provides you specialized fitness knowledge required from a cricketing perspective. This opens a world of opportunities for you to train aspiring cricketers or help yourself in a quest to great cricket. 

Are you ready to take your game next level?

You’ll have the opportunity to excel professionally and personally, being part of a team that dedicated to furthering our academic endeavours.