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A brainchild of Aarka Sports, M.S. Dhoni Cricket Academy started with the single thought of giving back to the aspiring sports community in our country. Mentored by M.S.Dhoni and founded by Mihir Diwakar, MSDCA is redefining the standards for coaching and developing cricket globally. Equipped with advanced technology, premier coaching facilities, and qualified coaches, MSDCA is spreading its wings to every corner of the globe.

Aarka Sports, a sports management and consultancy service, was established in 2014 by Mihir Diwakar. A distinguished cricketer, Mihir was part of the India U-19 World-Cup winning team. He created Aarka sports with the single aim of establishing excellence in sports and mentoring the next generation of sports personalities.

MSDCA operates with the belief that to become a successful cricketer, one needs to be confident, make swift decisions under pressure and adapt to different environments. Our coaching programs are tailored to develop cricket techniques and skills and improve game sense and intuition. Our focus is not on helping them perform in the nets – it is to groom them to be someone who can succeed in the game in real-time.

Everyday we need to look and see how we can do things differently and better while also making sure that we provide all required resources for you to get great.

Daryll Cullinan, CXO, Aarka Sports

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