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Coaching at MSDCA imparts a lot of game sense and practical activities, with its focus on developing a participant’s ability to perform during a match and not just in the nets. MSDCA Cricket Coaching Program will promote the importance of developing quality cricketers as well as people who are leaders, have strong team work capabilities, strive for excellence and display sportsmanship and fair play.

Cricket Academy Programs

1 on 1 coaching

Are you ready to focus on your game 1-1?

Take advantage of our 1:1 coaching session that are developed by experts in this field. Develop sound technical expertise and game flair through our tailor-made curriculum. 

This course prepares you to recognize and develop your unique style of playing while still learning the fundamentals of playing great cricket.

  1.  Skill Analysis – A coach initially conducts a skill analysis with the student, which becomes a snapshot of the student’s current strengths and opportunities. Based on this, a sessionwise skill development plan is tailor-made for the student. 
  2. Technical Skill Development – Adequate focus on the student’s weaker areas and training them to develop muscle memory.
  3.  Tactical Development – Executing skills and identifying perceptual cues
  4. Physical Fitness Development – Focus and concentration drills, visualization techniques, identifying routines, and performing well under pressure

Group Coaching

In sports, teams win, and individuals don’t! 

Team/ Group coaching is an essential and integral part of any team sport. Our coaching programs promote teamwork, partnerships, cooperation, and selflessness. Group coaching is critical to practice the tactical side of a sport such as cricket. 

This course prepares you to shine as an individual and become an invaluable asset to a team.

 Work with teams of qualified and highly skilled coaches who strive to offer an unparalleled cricketing experience for every single person who is part of the team.

Holiday Clinics

Because technique is everything! 

Our holiday coaching clinics provide junior cricketers (girl and boys), aged 8 and above, the opportunity to be involved in a professional coaching program. The program specifically focuses on the technical elements of batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping while also focusing on psychological aspects, captaincy, and team culture

This course prepares you to get a great grasp on all the technical elements of the cricket game and build a strong foundation. 

Learning can be a lot of fun and that is what we strive to offer to the young minds of tomorrow. These are some of things that the course offers young cricketers.

  1.  Video Analysis 
  2. Technical Skill Development
  3.  Tactical Development
  4. Fitness & Nutrition
  5. Match simulations
  6. Tournaments
  7. Domestic Cricket Tours

Are you ready to take your game next level?

You’ll have the opportunity to excel professionally and personally, being part of a team that dedicated to furthering our academic endeavours.