We, at MSDCA, strive to bring excellence & world-class cricket coaching & facilities to the budding cricket around the world. MSDCA focuses on providing the right kind of guidance and platform to the cricketers of various ages and economical backgrounds.

Who We Are

A brainchild of Aarka Sports, M.S. Dhoni Cricket Academy started with the single thought of giving back to the aspiring sports community in our country. Mentored by M.S.Dhoni and founded by Mihir Diwakar, MSDCA is redefining the standards for coaching and developing cricket globally. Equipped with advanced technology, premier coaching facilities, and qualified coaches, MSDCA is spreading its wings to every corner of the globe.


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Our Programmes

Cricket Academy

Recognize and develop your unique style of playing while still learning the fundamentals of playing great cricket.

High Performance Center

Take your technique to the next level. High performance 1 on 1 coaching and holiday clinics for players who want to advance in the game.

Online Training

Work with teams of qualified and highly skilled coaches who strive to offer an unparalleled cricketing experience online.
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You’ll have the opportunity to excel professionally and personally, being part of a team that dedicated to furthering our academic endeavours.